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clinton ct dentistsCertain oral habits in children, while initially normal, will eventually cause problems if your child does not outgrow the habit. Prolonged finger sucking, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting can cause developmental problems to your child’s teeth or jaw. These problems can lead to expensive and uncomfortable orthodontic treatment later in life. Our Deep River, CT, dentists can help!

Tongue Thrusting

Tongue thrust (also called reverse swallow) is a habit that both children and adults can exhibit. With tongue thrust, the tongue moves too far forward or over to one side of the mouth while swallowing, speaking, or at rest. Tongue thrust can cause speech development problems. Additionally, the pressure placed on your child’s teeth each time he or she swallows incorrectly can cause teeth to move out of alignment.

Treating Tongue Thrusting Or Finger Sucking

Thankfully, our experienced team can fit your child with a habit correction appliance, which will help your child to break bad habits in a safe, comfortable way. This appliance is semi-permanently attached to your child’s teeth similar to how braces are attached. Over the next months of wear, the appliance will guide your child toward correct behavior patterns. In some cases, we may also recommend therapy exercises or speech therapy in conjunction with your child’s dental appliance.

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